Current Lab Members

Dr. Robert Lachlan

Lecturer - My work focusses on the interplay between communication, culture and evolution. In particular, research focuses on bird song and other comparative systems.

Dr. Sarah Jenkins

Research Associate - My research interests lie broadly in the field of judgement and decision-making. More specifically, my research focuses on the communication and understanding of risk and uncertainty, across a range of domains, including natural hazards, product safety, food safety, law and medicine. I am currently collaborating with the Office for Product Safety and Standards on the 'Cultural Evolution of Risk Perceptions' project.

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Dr. Lies Zandberg

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow - My research interests lie in sexual selection, cultural evolution and acoustic communication.

I am currently working as a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow on the project Fashion and fads in birdsong in which I will study the cultural processes and selection pressures underpinning fashion and fads in corn bunting song.

I have previously worked on the auditory perception and cultural evolution of (bird) song. For my PhD I studied the role of pair compatibility in mate preferences and reproductive success.

Marianne Sarfati MSc.

PhD Researcher - My PhD project focusses on the effects of pollution on cultural evolution of song.

Warren Horrod-Wilson

PhD researcher - My PhD project focusses on studying the evolution of vocal learning through comparative cultural evolution.

Madeleine King

Volunteer Research Associate - Individuality in Corn Bunting Song

Lauren Bignold

Student - Song Sharing in the European Robin

Mollie Brown

Student - Song Sharing in the European Robin


Joseph Cooper - PhD student (2015-2019): On the evolution of vocal development in island chaffinch populations. Current position: Research Scientist at the British Trust for Ornithology

Maya Khalil - Summer Nuffield Research Placement (2020) - Song sharing in the wren.

Anjuma Siddiqa - Summer Nuffield Research Placement (2019) - Chaffinch song development.

Imogen Mansfield - Volunteer Research Assistant (2016) - Individuality in shared chaffinch song-types. Currently PhD Researcher at University of Birmingham